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A product of the Norman tradition and know-how of Calvados producers, Pommeau de Normandie is today the aperitif of Normandy.

Calvados d'exception
Flèche descendante

The process

A juice rich in sugar and aromas from the most aromatic apple varieties is mixed with young Calvados and aged together in large oak barrels.

For 18 months or more, the mutage process, a combination of the alcohol in the Calvados and sugar in the apple juice, takes place. Pommeau de Normandie is born from this mix. Its alcohol content is 17 % VOL, and sugar content around 70 grams per litre.

Ice Cider

"Delightfully sweet"


Pommeau de Normandie

Calvados 2 years and 24 months minimum of mutage.

"Sweetness and balance."



"Elegance and Finesse"


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