Ice Cider

Ice Cider

Flèche descendante

Delightfully sweet

Ice Cider

La Flaguerie ice cider results from the concentration of apple must through cryogenics. The concentrated must ferments while retaining a high weight of residual sugar. Amber in colour, La Flaguerie ice cider is a concentrate of aromas of cooked apples supported by the tannin and natural acidity of the fruit.





Baked apple, apricot, candied fruit


Complex, baked apple, prune, walnut

process : cider fermentation and concentration through cryogenics.

specificity : Product of Organic Farming.

ageing : fermentation in vats and filtered before bottling.

Alcohol content : 9% vol.

tasting suggestions : served chilled (8 to 10 C) as an aperitif, with foie gras, parsley cheese, or a dark chocolate dessert.

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