Poiré de Normandie

Delicate and refined.

Calvados d'exception



Pleasantly sour taste


  • Finesse
  • Limpidity
  • Pleasantly sour taste
  • Sparkling
Flèche descendante

The terroir

Traditionally rooted in the southern part of Normandy, pear cultivation is gradually making its way into the Bessin.

The arboriculture

The traditional high stem pear trees are impressive in appearance and mature after several decades. The Plant de Blanc, the Rouge Vigné, the Deux Cloches, many others are typical varieties used to make Poiré.

The process

The pears are harvested from October to November depending on their maturity. After manual sorting, they are pressed on a belt press. The juice placed in vats will slowly ferment over the winter under the watchful eye of the cellar master. In the spring, the Poiré is bottled.

Poiré de Normandie

"Delicate and refined"