Pommeau de Normandie

Pommeau de Normandie

Calvados 2 years and 24 months minimum of mutage.

Flèche descendante

Sweetness and balance.

Pommeau de Normandie

The dark mahogany colour and shine of Pommeau de Normandie are outstanding. The nose is elegant, smooth and flattering with candid notes of gingerbread and prune. The mouth is round and soft and releases cooked aromas with a complex and balanced finish. Best served cold, it holds its rank as an aperitif, or Norman cheeses or dessert.



Mahogany colour.


Baked apples, dry fruit and prunes.


Fresh, fruity and gingerbread notes.

age : Calvados 2 years and 24 months minimum of mutage.

process : In compliance with AOC Pommeau de Normandie production rules.

specificity : Product of Organic Farming.

ageing : 24 months in large neutral oak barrels.

Alcohol content : 17% VOL

tasting suggestions : Served chilled (8 to 10°C) as an aperitif, with Norman cheeses or dessert.

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